Autobiography of a Modern Prophet, ISBN 1-57043-163-9 (467 pages)


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  "Here is someone who shows us that everything we need to fulfill our truest dreams and desires is already as close, and real, as our own heartbeats."
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     It's 1970. A dark Wisconsin night. A once-shy farm boy, now in his twenties, stands on a bridge over a river. He's left the farm, studied for the clergy, and done a stint in the air force. He's a proofreader now. He's seen faraway places, but tonight he's in Wisconsin, overlooking the dark water. He's about to see the face of God, to become a God-Realized man.

     From this momentous turning point, Harold Klemp's life would never be the same. His incredible experience that night was simply a prelude to a time of testing, humbling, cleansing, yet blessed experience with the Light and Sound of God. He would emerge as the spiritual leader and modern-day prophet of Eckankar.

     This is his spiritual autobiography. "This book," he says, "is about God-Realization and the myths that surround the highest state of spiritual realization known to mankind. The first and greatest illusion is that once God-Realization is attained, the battle for higher consciousness is forever won. This oversimplifies things ....

     "The hard part came after God-Realization. Now I had to return to the problems of life and confront them. The specter of God's haunting love was always with me .... It carried me beyond the pleasant cooing of belief and faith, thrusting me into a brilliant world of light shorn of all illusion."

     If a shy Wisconsin farm boy can master his spiritual destiny, why can't we?
According to Gallup, 82% of those polled in America alone want to experience spiritual growth. Believe it or not, it is your destiny to discover your godlike nature, your spiritual greatness.

     "Tucked away in the hidden places of this book are clues as to how you too may reach the glories of God," says Klemp.
"Now come with me on my jouney."

     ECKANKAR is ancient wisdom for today. Its teachings resurfaced in 1965, emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God. Whatever your religious background, they show you how to look and listen within yourself - to expand your consciousness and enjoy spiritual freedom. See, perhaps for the first time, how to lead a happy, balanced, and productive life. And put daily concerns into loving perspective. You can visit Eckankar's Web site at

     In 1981, AMERICAN-BORN HAROLD KLEMP became the spiritual leader of Eckankar. Known as a pioneer of today's focus on "everyday spirituality," he has traveled the world - from North America and Europe to Africa, Australia and the Pacific Rim - to share the timeless truth of Eckankar. His teachings uplift all. They help people recognize the power of their own intimate experiences with God. He writes extensively, adding new titles to his more than thirty published works to date.


Excerpt from Autobiography of a Modern Prophet

     A channel for God acts only as the Spirit of God directs him; a black magician attempts to bend the divine power to his own end.

     Misuse of the God power is commonplace; it happens all the time. A channel for God says, "Thy will be done," but a black magician's invocation is quite different - "My will be done." Someone who sends a prayer to God to end a drought is actually saying, "O God, your decision to create this drought was wrong; it's time for rain." Such a person is an unconscious dabbler in the black arts.

     Prayer that directs God to act in a certain way is seldom recognized for the negative power it is.

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